Plants of the Machiguenga
a scientific expedition to Manu.

The Andean Travel Web
good and recent information on many Peru destinies, including Manu.

UNESCO MAN and the Biosphere (MAB)
information on the biospheres on Earth, including Manu

Footprint Handbooks
now has a Peru version with very detailed information

The Rec.Travel Library
for travel and tourism information

provides a specific travel section in their search engine and many topics related to travelling amongst which health

CDC Travel Information
Even more on health

Lonely Planet On-Line
well-known for their guides and travel survival kit

The South American Explorers Club
offers travel information for South and Central America and a club in Lima.

for travel and tourism information.

for travel information and recommendations.

Travel and Nature Photo's
Beautiful photos of a Manu trip

Neotropical Butterflies
Butterfly Guide Book.

Wake Forrest University
Pantiacolla does the logistics for various university courses in Manu. Wakeforest University has a Summer Programme at Pantiacolla´s Cloud Forest site, Posada San Pedro, Pantiacolla Lodge and Manu´s Biological Station Cocha Cashu ever since 2001 under the directions of Dr. Miles Silman

Volunteering-Peru supports a world where people are involved with others who are less fortunate in life. Give people the opportunity to help in any possible way
Towson University
Tropical Field Ecology in Peru

 Goosetongue Guiding and Consulting
At Goosetongue guiding we conduct bear viewing excursions, bear ecology walks and wilderness trips bear safety workshops and educational multimedia presentations. While brown and grizzly bears and the need to conserve our remaining wild spaces is the focus of all our trips in North America, we can also arrange excursions to learn more about black bears, bears spectacled bears in other parts of the world.
also see this link

One of Pantiacolla´s volunteer-projects with the children of Itahuania, the Cultural Zone of Manu, done by Ralf & Erma Jahraus. They have written a informative and fun to read booklet about their project and you can download it from their website.

 Travel Wizard
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 Peru for Less
 1000+ Testimonials

 Escaped to Peru 
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See the Wild
 Protect endangered wildlife trough conservation travels

 Ecologic Travel
 Tus vacaciones vivílas junto a nosotros!!

Cofan Survival Fund

Eco Friendly Africa Travel
Make a difference with Eco Friendly Africa Travel

 Travel Perú Hotels
 Machu Picchu travel packages