About the lodge

Jungle lodge Manu Peru- Posada san Pedro, PantiacollaLocated at about 6 hours driving distance from Cusco, between bamboo and short cloud forest trees covered with mosses and bromeliads, it has 4 bungalows with 2 rooms each, a beautiful lounge and separate toilets and hot-water showers. For a couple of hours each evening a generator provides light and the possibility to recharge your batteries. Temperatures are between 18C  (75F) during the day and 10C (65F) at night. Together with the high air humidity you will want to use the blankets Pantiacolla provides.


The surrounding forest holds Woolly- and Brown Capuchin Monkeys, as well as the elusive Spectacled Bear. Here bird species start to fan out into many striking shapes and colors: Andean Cock of the Rock, Umbrella Bird, Versicoloured Barbet, Highland Motmot , Green Jay and many tanagers and hummingbirds. This is also the place to see orchids, begonias, fuchsias, lichens, mosses, bromeliads, bamboo and the primitive tree fern trees.

What you can do there

Near the lodge you can visit the lek of the Cock of the Rock, where the males dance and sing each morning and afternoon to convince the females that they are the ones!  You can hike the unpaved Manu Road to observe birds, or also the high altitude Ericson and Union Trails that start at the Biosphere’s entrance at Ajanaco. A bit further down the road you can board a wild water raft to speed down the Kosñipata River to Lake Machuhuasi.

Posada San Pedro provides comfortable accommodation from where to explore the fascinating and still intact cloud forest of the eastern Andean slope.