Experience of a lifetime

A wonderful, awe inspiring and humbling experience. The immersion in the rain forest reserved zone-the quantity and diversity of life with all its sounds, smells and sights-was overwhelming (in a good way!) Jose and Michel are exceptional guides who made the life around us accessible. Unerring abilities to spot the tiniest of birds, expertise fuelled by their obvious passion for this unique environment and their patience with us made this an experience of a lifetime. Their abilities were enhanced by the excellent administration and pre tour communication from Erik, the great food in challenging circumstances- thanks Orlando and Frank, the superb boatmanship and spotting abilities of Willy and the cheerful, ever present help of Victor. If you are considering this trip bear in mind that it is hot, humid and there are over a million insect species in the rainforest. Also that there is a considerable amount of travelling but embrace the journey and all that you see on the way; be confident that you will be looked after superbly well and grab the opportunity to have every sense stimulated beyond your wildest expectations in this very beautiful and extraordinary place.