This 7-day tour is just right for us.

This 7-day tour is just right for us. The rustic accommodations were fine and warm. Your lodge is beautiful. Both Jose and Michael were great guides – both very knowledgeable and personal. The cook Hubert was very special – creating wonderful meals on a rustic stove. Never got sick eating or drinking the water, so Hubert was very good at preparations. The first William was a smart and cautious driver on the old road to Manu and with traffic.

And, then there is you and Eric…
Your Manu guide book was very informative while reading it on the river boat passage and reliving what you wrote at the same time and place. It is a timeless, just right length journal of your own Manu adventures. We liked all the activities you put together while exploring Manu yourself so many years ago. The Kapok tree stairs and platform was a wonderful way to end the adventure. I recorded a Toucan song and played it back to him – and he flew right to us on the platform to have a look.

The last day was a long journey returning to Cusco – but, did not diminish the overall fun adventure we had with our small group.
Thanks very much