awanaThe Cusco Valley is formed by the Huatanay River, running from the Sacsayhuaman Table Mountain to end in the Vilcanote (or Urubamba) River, just past the Huacarpay Lake. This will be our area of exploration for the day.

First we hike around the Huacarpay Lake, famous for its birds such as the Plumbeous Rail and the Bearded Mountaineer, an endemic hummingbird. However, we also find Wari and Inka ruins and Peruvian-modern agricultural plots.

In the afternoon, we drive up the Cusco Valley over its Oriental Mountain Range to Ccochahuasi, an animal rescue center that has Andean bird and mammal species, including the majestic Andean Condor. Nearby we also visit Awanacancha ("awana" means weaving), a beautifull initiative of several Andean communities to show and teach the process of weaving.

Next stop is at the Tambo Machay wetland, to check on the Andean Goose among other birds and then we go on to explore the Sacsayhuaman Table Mountain, viewing east over the Cusco Valley.

Afterwards we drive down into the Cusco Valley, to one of its central squares, the Plaza San Francisco. This plaza has been set up as a botanical garden, and to end the day, the guide shows you tree and plant species which have a traditional use.




Only available as a private tour

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Includes:                  Naturalist guide in English and Spanish, all road transportation & box lunch
Not included:          Entrance fee to the Ccochahuasi animal rescue center