People often ask us why we should save the rainforest?

1We believe that only those who have been moved by the wonders of this natural treasure can ever know the answer. Education is the key - Pantiacolla has the vision…together we can make the difference!


Pantiacolla Tours, named after Manu’s Pantiacolla Mountain Range, was formed in 1994 out of a concern for the rainforests on our Earth, and Manu National Park in particular. It is a partnership between a Dutch biologist, who studied primates in the Manu Biosphere, and a Manu-born conservationist. This collaboration turned out to be very successful and produced a company with expertise, vision and purpose unlike any other in Manu. Already in 1999, we were voted the best eco-tourism agency operating in the park.

We from Pantiacolla, will provide you with all the information to understand and appreciate the Amazon as it is. You start the tour fully briefed on all its aspects and you receive a free guidebook with information on the ecology of the park plus checklists to the animals and plants. Our team of enthusiastic guides share their insights into the complexities of this tropical rainforest, its myths and mysteries, and reveal the diversity of the flora and fauna that exist there. Moreover, they will instill in you a sense of its wonder and worth.


A tour to Manu guarantees you an unforgettable experience, and since Pantiacolla originated in Manu, we know how to make the experience both enthralling and, most importantly, safe. Whatever your interest, whether it be animals, birds, insects, fungi, or indigenous peoples, Pantiacolla invites you to discover and live the ideal rainforest experience. On top, you know that by using Pantiacolla’s services, you will contribute to the survival of the magnificent Amazon Rainforest.