It is highly recommended to bring a pair of binoculars to Manu since the birds and other wildlife can be far away. You will be able to rent binoculars in Cusco but the quality might not be that good. So if you can, bring a good pair from home.

Flashlight with spare bulbs and extra batteries

You will need a good flashlight to use during the night around the lodges and also for the night walks. Make sure to bring enough batteries, or bring rechargeable batteries: we have generators in our lodges that will be on for a few hours each night. Only in our campsite in the Reserved Zone we do not have any form of electricity. 


Day pack

Bring a day pack for hikes or excursions.

Plastic bags (to keep everything dry)

We recommend putting your belongings in plastic bags first, before placing them in your backpacks, in order to protect your things from the rain and humidity.

Rain gear

Since there is a high chance of rain in the cloud forest and lowland rainforest of Manu, we advise to bring a rain jacket or a poncho.

Sweater, fleece or light jacket

Especially the first day while travelling over the Andes mountains and at night in the cloud forest temperatures can drop to 10 degrees Celsius (50F). However, even in the lowland rainforest of Manu temperatures can be around 10 degrees Celcius every now and then, between May and the end of August, due to cold winds (´friajes´) coming up the continent from Patagonia.

Long pants, long socks and long-sleeved shirts

Since there will be mosquitoes and many other insects – especially in the Reserved Zone – bring long pants, long socks, that you can put over your pants and wear long-sleeved open shirts over short sleeved t-shirts at all times for protection.


When you are travelling through the cloud forest, when you are in the boat and in Pantiacolla Lodge, you will hardly encounter any mosquitoes, and you will have the opportunity to wear shorts and short-sleeved t-shirts.

Bathing Suit

There is no swimming allowed in the Reserved Zone, but you can swim in the Alto Madre de Dios river. And for those who do the 5 or the 9 day tour, you will visit hot springs.

1 pair of hiking boots and 1 pair of light shoes or sandals

Our walks are never strenuous but comfortable and waterproof hiking shoes or boots are recommended. Light shoes or sandals would be good to bring to use around the lodges and in the showers.

Sunhat, sunglasses, sun block

Protect yourself well against the burning sun. Especially on the boat, because of the sun’s reflection on the water.

Insect repellent (with at least 35% 'deet') and after bite

Besides the protective clothing we recommend to bring an insect repellent with at least 35% deet. If you can, bring some from home, since strong insect repellents are difficult to find in Cusco.

Toilet paper

In all of our lodges we have toilet paper. Just bring some toilet paper for the travelling parts (1 roll per person).

Water bottle

You need to bring your own water bottle for the trip. It has to be filled for use during the travelling part of  the first day only. You can always refill your bottle when you are at a lodge or campsite.


Copy of a valid passport

It is not necessary to bring your original passport, just a copy will be sufficient. It is even recommended, because your passport – or any other valuable document could get a little damaged by the humidity or rain.

Copy of yellow fever (imperative) and tetanus (optional) vaccinations

Yellow fever vaccination is no longer required for Perú.

Malaria medication

Malaria is rare in this area. However, there has been at least one case in the last couple of years of a tourist contracting this disease. Therefore, we do recommend taking a prophylaxis when going on one of our tours.

Money for soft drinks or beers and handicrafts

Bring around 150 Peruvian soles to buy drinks, snacks or souvenirs along the way. It is better to take soles than dollars, and preferably the smaller paper bills of S/10 and S/20, instead of the S/50 and S/100 bills.