3To take, oftentimes, unexperienced people to the jungle requires a special set of characteristics from all of us. We need to be informative, clear, full of real knowledge, enthusiastic, willing to teach, willing to show you who we are, honest, interested in others (you), patient, have a sense of humor, understanding to different cultures, accommodating, have a team spirit, respond well to unforeseen changes that happen so often in this wild natural environment, being an organizational wizard, to love the rainforest, love our work, and we need to love you!

I am proud to present you our team of people, most of whom have been working long-time for Pantiacolla, and who exactly have these characteristics:


José Felix de la Cuba. Studied biology at the San Antonio Abad University of Cusco. Participated in several research projects, among which a squirrel monkey research from the University of Princeton, butterfly research from the University of Camebridge and the brazil nut project from the University Ricardo Palma in Lima. He did his guide training at the Loreno Insitute in Cusco and has been working as a guide for many years.  The last eleven years he has worked almost exclusively for Pantiacolla. When asked what he thinks his strongest quality for guiding is, he says: "my passion for teaching and sharing observations with all group members. I want all "my" tourists to return from Manu with, as a minimum, my level of enthusiasm for the Amazon!"

Michel Mora. Has been trained as a guide in Cusco's Quipo Institute. He first started to guide in Tambopata for one year in 2007, and since then has been a full time Manu guide. His all-round ecological knowledge is well developed, though his personal interest remains with bird watching. He considers patience and his positive disposition his strongest points as a guide, which has been appreciated by both photographers and nature documenters. 

Rivelino Llaqtahuaman: He started his official guide training in 2006, in the Antonio Loreno Institue in Cusco. However his real understanding of the rainforest came much earlier as he was born and raised in the Kimbiri rainforest of Cusco. His family has produced several famous Manu guides, most of them bird specialists. Rivelino has started out with that same bird specialization, but then decided to continue as a general interest guide, as he developed another keen interest in reptiles and amphibians. He has been the guiding force for several documentaries by known tv channels, such as the BBC and CNN, plus tv channels from Sotuh Corea and Brazil. Asked what makes him a good guide, he says that is easy to answer: "I simply love what I do".


Orlando Cornejo, Wilbert (Hubert) Gonzales, Cesar Huanca. The Manu cooks seem to have the hardest jobs, starting their day long before anyone else wakes up and still cleaning up after everyone went back to bed. Pantiacolla's cooks do all this with a smile on their faces while producing delicious meals, whatever the circumstances. Some tourists who have tried to take our cooks back home.....

Boat crew:

Jacob Llaqui and Ricardo Cabrera are our captains; well respected for their abilities to "read" the rivers and keep everyone safe against the many river tricks. Ricardo was born at the indigenous Machiguenga community of Palotoa, and is one of those special people who can live in and understand two completely different cultures.

Carlos Abanti and Andiaz Abarca  are our tireless assistant boatmen. You can't do anything else than admire their acrobatics during the boat rides and their enthusiasm to help always and everywhere.


Emilio Solorzano. Our bus driver is a disciplined man, counting his hours of sleep and completely avoiding alcohol whenever he is at work. He has been driving the Manu Road for over 15 years, and knows every curve and bump as no other. He receives great gratitude from our guests; feeling safe on a winding, unpaved mountain road importantly contributes to people's appreciation of Pantiacolla's tours.

Logistical back-up and Office:

Gustavo Moscoso Garces. One of Pantiacolla´s owners and born and raised in Manu. This has given him the intrinsic qualities of peace of mind and perseverance, both being essential for leading a tourism business in the Amazon rainforest. He also is the source for all practical knowledge of Manu's rainforest we need tu run the tours.

Marianne van Vlaardingen. The other Pantiacolla owner, from Holland, where she studied biology at the University of Utrecht. Reserach has taken her to French Guyana, Brazil, the Dutch island of Terschelling and in the end to the biological station of Manu National Park, where she studied  tamarin monkeys. Her western knowledge of nature and her language skills combine well with Gustavo's practical skills and knowledge of the forest. Marianne is in charge of most of our e-mail correspondence.

July Lopez
. Arrived at the Pantiacolla office as a trainee in 2004 and never left. Over the years, she has turned into the administrative axe of Pantiacolla. She has a mind set for details, and can sort out any of your reservations be it in Manu or outside.

Evelin Sanchez. The latest addition to our office team, she is the smiling person who receives you when you come and visit us at our office. She can explain you the tour programmes as well as the procedures we have designed for you to enjoy the tours and be safe at the same time.